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A warm welcome from Dianne Hughes, Delta's Principal & Founder


Welcome to the Delta Academy of Dance & Performing Arts website. I have had the honour of being the Principal of Delta Academy for over 20 years and in that time I have had the extreme pleasure of teaching children from all walks of life, ages and abilities. I, along with my fellow teachers have a passion for teaching and it is our ultimate goal to bring out the confidence and hidden skills in each individual pupil, which gives us our winning combination and helps build Deltas fantastic reputation both locally and Nationally.


We run classes in Dance, Drama and Singing all to an incredibly high standard which in turn leads to optional examinations in all 3 disciplines. We have now been approved as a regognised BTEC centre and now offer a level 2 BTEC course in the Performing Arts aimed at year nine pupils and above. We would like nothing better than to introduce your child to the dazzling world of Performing arts, we guarantee that they will make life long friends, grow in confidence, fitness and will have great fun along the way.


Let Delta make your child a winner!



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Testimonials from parents:


Delta for my daughter Olivia has seen her journey from shy seven year old to 18 year old university student. Active in both her theatre and dance societies she is still performing alongside her academic studies. Joining Delta started when as a young child she wanted to try the performing arts. Having the opportunity to develop skills in dance, acting and singing offered her chances to explore so many avenues of performance. She has particularly loved the drama aspects including competitive festivals, solo pieces and in later years a chance through Delta Associates to perform in gritty and challenging plays. Along the way Olivia has made lasting Delta friendships, had endless fun and learnt so much. The group of close friends she made socialised outside of Delta often meeting for meals, coffees and to plan social outings. One memorable time they all dressed as nuns went to see the stage version of Sound of Music and impressed the star Connie Fisher with their enthusiasm. The staff at Delta always encourage the children whatever their capabilities to shine and feel special. The combination of shows, exams and competitions allows them to achieve. The fun, closeness of friends and staff creates a sense of shared excitement which allows them to grow. Olivia can’t imagine her life without having joined Delta. For me as a parent Delta is not about preparing every child for a theatrical career although, there will be those who do take this path but, providing them with the confidence and skills that allow them to shine whatever life choices they make. Joining Delta has provided Olivia with lasting childhood memories and experiences which she is now taking with her as she embarks on the next stages of her life. As a parent I would highly recommend Delta and hope your child will get as much from it as my daughter.


Helen Petie



 My daughter Bethan attended Delta for 8 years from age 10 to 18. Without any doubt it was an invaluable experience for her and a pivotal influence on her development. The support given to her by all the teachers at Delta both encouraged her in terms of confidence but also taught her just how important it is to persevere in building skills even when she found it difficult. She had great fun taking part in all the various productions but she also learnt how important it was to organize her time so that she was able to fulfill the demands being made of her. I have no doubts at all that because of this she was better able to manage her various school commitments effectively. Probably the most important aspect of Delta for Bethan was the wonderful circle of friends with whom she still keeps in contact. Delta gave Bethan a real love of performance, whether it was drama, singing or dance. Even now, at university she continues to develop all three of these skills for the pleasure they give her. Delta has given Bethan a gift she will enjoy for the rest of her life.


Sheila McCann